New IPI film: Meeting the moment for 70 years

Marking IPI’s 70th anniversary, new short film “Meeting the Moment” shows the organization’s fight for press freedom and journalistic integrity


“For the past 70 years, the IPI global network has met the moment at critical times shaping today’s world. We have supported dialogue, peace and journalistic integrity. We have defended journalists’ right to do their job no matter the circumstances. And that’s exactly what we will keep doing.”

With these words, IPI’s new short film “Meeting the Moment” presents IPI’s 70th anniversary as a time to reflect on the unique strength of the IPI network in shaping the future of independent journalism.

Starting from IPI’s founding in 1950, the film highlights some of the key moments in IPI’s long history, its achievements, and the values that have kept the IPI community of members together over the last seven decades and that still define quality, independent journalism today.

“Meeting the Moment” traces IPI’s efforts to counter propaganda with strong independent journalism in the aftermath of the Second World War and throughout the Cold War, and its work to promote understanding among journalists as an avenue for peace. It also highlights the IPI World Congress as a unique forum for identifying joint solutions to the newest challenges facing independent journalism. The film offers an impressive and moving run through the first seven decades of IPI’s history, setting the tone for the future.

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