IPI’s members are media representatives of all types who share a commitment
to media freedom and independent journalism. Members support IPI
and one another in promoting and protecting our common values. Together,
we speak with a unique and powerful voice in defence of the free flow of news.

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Soe MyintFounder andEditor-in-Chief, Mizzima MediaMyanmar

Soe Myint

“Our struggle in an increasingly changing media landscape today is not new. It is still necessary to keep fighting for professional journalism and be a part of nation-building democracies.

Joan ChirwaFounder and Coordinator, Free Press Initiative (FPI)Zambia

Joan Chriwa

“Fighting for press freedom is the key reason The Mast is in existence and the platform that IPI is providing to advance the cause needs the support of all.

N. RaviPublisher, The HinduIndia

N. Ravi

“IPI is an amazing network of media persons from across continents who share the same commitment to press freedom and ethical journalism but with very different nuances.”

Gwen ListerFounding Editor and Chair, Namibia Media TrustNamibia

Gwen Lister

“IPI is a critical voice in the never-ending quest for press freedom and free speech worldwide and in striving to take quality journalism to greater heights.”

Rafael Marques de MoraisFounder and Director, Maka AngolaAngola

Rafael Marques de Morais

“I cannot thank IPI enough for such a timely honor. It helped a great deal to punch through the political pressure and behind the scenes manoeuvring for justice to be served. It helped many to regain hope for the rule of law and celebrate an historic victory for press freedom in Angola.”

Ute BruckerHead of Foreign News Department, SWRGermany

Ute Brucker

“Although I have not been an IPI member for very long, I note that we all struggle with the same issues and problems. The exchanges with colleagues are very enriching – it’s a good feeling belonging to this community!



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