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Working in journalism or the media? Want to be actively involved in promoting media freedom?



IPI membership is open to anyone active in the field of journalism, in news media outlets, as freelancers, in schools of journalism or in defence of press freedom rights, who supports the principle of freedom of the press and desires to co-operate in achieving IPI’s objectives. The most important requirement is a commitment to media freedom and independent journalism.

IPI has members in more than 80 countries around the world, as well as 16 National Committees, which serve as IPI’s local chapters. IPI members actively participate in IPI’s advocacy work, country visits, missions and awareness campaigns.

We would not be able to fulfil our mission without the support and engagement of our members. Through their dues, our members support IPI and one another and make a critical contribution to promoting and defending media freedom and the free flow of quality news. However, we don’t want the dues to be an obstacle to becoming part of the IPI global network, as long as our members support and live by IPI’s core values of press freedom, news independence and journalistic quality. Applying members should let us know how much they can afford to pay for their IPI dues.

New members must be recommended by at least two existing IPI members.

In countries where IPI has a National Committee, fees may differ from those mentioned below. Please contact us about this.



By becoming a supporting members, you will contribute directly to IPI’s activities both in support of strong, independent, quality journalism.


Join Us


Membership is open to anyone active in the field of journalism or in defence of press freedom rights.


Join Us


The amount is up to you, but at least 50 EUR (30 EUR for members based in low income countries and developing economies). This is open to freelance journalists or those working in small newsrooms and not for profit media particularly, in countries with lower incomes. It is also open to those editors, journalists and media experts who cannot expense the IPI membership fee.

If you would like to request a lower contribution rate, please indicate the amount you can pay and your application will be subject to approval on receipt.
Journalists based in countries or working for news organizations based in countries where an IPI National Committee exist may be subject to different membership dues, defined by our National Committees.

≤ €50/year




Corporate and Institutional Membership are open to news media organisations and institutions, including research and academic institutions and non-for-profits organisation, that want to show institutional support for IPI’s core values of press freedom, news independence and journalistic quality.
We offer several levels of Corporate/Institutional Membership that provide a variety of benefits to your organisation and your representatives, including waived registrations to the IPI World Congress or active participation in our activities and events. Contact us for further information about the different levels of Corporate/Institutional Membership and discuss a model that fits your needs.



The IPI network is only as strong as the members who make it. Members strengthen the network through their fees and through participating in its work.

Members engaging with our work and paying their fees is what gives IPI its independence — beholden to no-one but the people like you who make up the network, whose insights and guidance we rely on to understand needs, define IPI strategies and work for the change we want to see.

We also understand that the Covid-19 shock mixed with the ongoing disruption of media makes these difficult times. We don’t want the ability to pay to be an obstacle to becoming or remaining an IPI member.

Since 1950, the IPI global network has brought the world’s leading journalists, editors and publishers together to share our experiences, learn from each other and support each other in defence of press freedom and journalists’ rights. Now, more than ever, that network matters as journalism transitions to an uncertain future and we rebuild its resilience to withstand the many challenges it faces today, from disinformation and the business disruption to the lure of authoritarianism.

Through this time members have provided a major portion of the financial certainty that is essential to underpin the work of the network. To sustain this we need to ask those that can afford to pay to continue to do so, and to thank them for this. We also know that to maintain a truly representative global network at this crucial moment we will need to be flexible in how we approach fees for some of our colleagues.

Need more information? Contact the IPI Membership Team!