Piece of Portal brought to life in Minecraft

Sun Dec 4. 2022

Piece of Portal brought to life in Minecraft

A Minecraft Redditor, named “RadiantInferno”, recently posted a stunningly-made video showing a room-changing device that was created using Create Mod.

His video skills and his amazing contraption earned him thousands of positive comments and upvotes. (Later, the original post was removed due to violation of the self-promotion rule on Minecraft Reddit page.

The player demonstrates how the room-changing mechanism works in the video. Create Mod assigned each room a number. Once they have entered the number, the room is moved away and the designated one comes and attaches to the main control structure.

The creator demonstrated which number corresponded with which room, and then seamlessly cycled between them in the video. The post was stunningly demonstrated using great camera movements and beautiful music.
People react to the room changer made in Minecraft with Create Mod

Redditors were overwhelmed by the video and the in-game machine after the original post was posted. Many were impressed more by the creator's cinematography than the build itself. Many others also gave positive feedback about the mod and contraption.

The overall design of the video was appreciated by many people. The video was visually pleasing because of the smooth transitions and pan shots.

The creator thanked everyone and mentioned another Minecraft mod called CMDCam with which he filmed these beautiful shots of the entire machine.

The original post was deleted from the Minecraft Reddit Page because the creator also uploaded a YouTube video showing the entire machine's mechanics.

Many people asked why the post had been removed. The creator explained the circumstances. He also posted the video to Create Mod Reddit.

Many people compared the machine mechanism with different movies or other games. One person mentioned Portal 2, a puzzle-based game. According to the machine's creator, Portal 2 was what inspired him.

Others have mentioned the Cube movie series, and even Monsters Inc. where rooms can be changed with the help of a machine.