Mods to make Minecraft harder

Mon Dec 5. 2022

Mods to make Minecraft harder

Minecraft is a survival game by its core. It can be challenging to play at times. New players can often get stuck in one stage or have difficulty moving on. Most players find the game easy and enjoyable. They also look for ways to increase the difficulty.

Although the game offers tools such as the “Hard” difficulty level and the “Hardcore mode to increase the toughness and number of mobs and events, it can become repetitive and even boring after a while. The game has been around for over 10 years. Mods are here to help. Mods are a way to add features to Minecraft that aren't available in the default game version.

Many mods add new features to Minecraft, such as weapons, mobs and sounds. They also increase the difficulty of the game. These mods will be the focus of this article, and how they can be combined to create one of the most difficult Minecraft experiences.

Modifying Minecraft to make it more difficult

Mods are a great way to make Minecraft more challenging and complex than the current version. These mods can be combined to create a terrifying but rewarding Minecraft survival experience.

Note: YouTuber AsianHalfSquat is the one who showcased the mods. He makes detailed videos on many topics and has a YouTube channel.

1) Strong as nails

This mod adds the additional factor of temperature and thirst to the game. Players will have to replenish their thirst and maintain their health.

2) Wasteland Reborn

This mod transforms most of the game's terrain into a barren wasteland. Players will need to be cautious as water and grass are scarce. This mod is even more effective when combined with the Tough As Nails mod.

3) Epic Siege Mod

By giving hostile mobs new abilities, this mod makes them more difficult to defeat. Hostile mobs are now able to break down players' doors or build after them if necessary.

4) Punch Me Not

This mod allows players to take damage whenever they use their fist to extract wood or other materials. Ark: Survival Evolved also has this feature. Players should be cautious about what they mine.

5) Weather Storms and Tornadoes

This mod adds tornadoes to the game's weather. The weather system is dynamically enhanced and can be deadly. This mod can cause severe damage to the world of the player.

6) General Disaster

This mod allows for disasters such as volcanic eruptions, large sinkholes spawning or earthquakes to occur at any time in the player's game world. It greatly affects how players plan their actions.

7) Hardcore Darkness

This mod is well-known and renders low-light areas of the game completely pitch black. This makes torchlight and other light sources a necessity.

Minecraft is widely acclaimed as a great game. It is enjoyed by both young children and adults, which is interesting because it seems to be very enjoyable for both ages. It can be both easy and difficult at the same time.

Although Minecraft is a game that can be handled by anyone, it's not for everyone. Many players may not like the mods.