Minecraft 1.18 update

Fri Dec 16. 2022

Minecraft 1.18 update

The 1.18 update will bring all of the world-changing new features. All new biomes, the Minecraft Warden is a new enemy mob, and there are new blocks that allow wireless Redstone to be used in Minecraft for the first-time. This is all exciting stuff. You should check out the Minecraft snapshot betas to see it in action.

This is a summary of all we know so far about Minecraft 1.18, also known as part 2 in the Caves & Cliffs updates. We will also include any Mojang announcements regarding confirmed features that are coming after the 1.18 upgrade.

Minecraft 1.18 Update Release Date

Now is the official Minecraft 1.18 release date. Mojang announced the official Minecraft 1.18 release date via tweet, a few weeks following the Minecraft Live 2021 stream.

Minecraft 1.18 update Caves & Cliffs biomes

Noise caves

Noise caves are a new type of cave that generates underground sound waves. They come in two types: cheese and spaghetti. Spaghetti caves are narrow and winding, while cheese caves have large open areas that are filled with stone pillars. Aquifers are caves that have flooded cave systems containing a variety of minerals.

Lush Caves

As of the 21w37a snapshot, you can now find the Lush Caves biome in Minecraft. The cave is home to vines, fruits, and flowers hanging from the ceilings. These paintings were inspired by John Bauer's Swedish painting, which depicts people walking through vast woodland areas.

You can find Lush Caves by looking for Azalea trees at the surface. These signs can be a sign that you have Lush Caves beneath that you can explore and mine.

Lush caves are covered with new flora. You can choose from flowering or non-flowering Azalea varieties to transform the dirt into rooted soil. Rooted dirt can spawn roots beneath them which you can harvest.

Spore Blossoms, pink flowers that grow on the roof, drop particles. Mojang did not say whether these particles are useful, but it did state that Spore Blossoms can be moved to ceilings. You can also find Moss in the Lush Caves. It is available as tiles or in blocks.

There are some vines that grow in the Lush Caves and bear orange berries. These glow berries can be picked and eaten, which will satisfy a small portion of your hunger meter. It is better to let them grow on the vines, as they will provide natural light. There is also a chance that the vines will produce a glowberry as they grow.

Dripleaf is the last of these new plants. These plants can be found in clay pools, which could make them useful for anyone who wants to build a jungle-themed obstacle track. Although you can jump on the leaves, the leaf will eventually droop if you keep it there for too long. It will eventually give way, but the leaves are fully recoverable so you won't be able to fall through them.

The small dripleaf plants can only be planted on clay or dirt that is not underwater. Once the plants are fully grown, you can harvest them and place them anywhere you like.

Final note: Once the Lush Caves have been officially added to the game, the watery areas are where you will find the axolotls and not their current underground river location.

Dripstone Caves, Deep Dark biome

As of 21w37a snapshot, Dripstone Caves were in Minecraft. The Dripstone Caves will be unique because of the stalagmites, stalactites, and even though they made it to 1.17. The rest of the stalactites can be destroyed by destroying the blocks at their tops. Stalagmites, on the other hand can be used as spikes to cause injury to friends and enemies. You can also use a bucket to collect water from Stalactites. This will provide you with a source of fresh water.

To make your stalagmites or stalactites as long as possible, you can combine them. Stalactites can not only drip water but also lava. You can keep it in a cauldron below to save it for later. You should also know that a pointed dripstone can be broken if you throw your trident at it. Here you will also find more copper than in regular caves.

Minecraft mob changes

The first Minecraft 1.18 beta snapshot shows a natural terrain variant that differs from the biomes. This is reflected in the patch notes, which state that forests and deserts can form on hills without the need for a special biome. Dark mobs will no longer spawn in darkness. Therefore, dimly lit areas are safer. A subsequent experimental snapshot shows that spiders, zombies and skeletons can spawn at light levels 11 and 11, respectively, so it is necessary to have multiple torchlights to keep these monsters away.

Modifications to Minecraft terrain limitations

All of the latest ore distribution and terrain changes are available as of Minecraft snapshot 21w37a. The official site has a complete list, but these are highlights of the changes to mountain, river, and caves.

This would be difficult to implement given the terrain height restrictions. However, these are being changed to allow for underground biomes. You might have heard the term Y=0. This refers to the coordinates that you can select in the options menu. The Y axis indicates the vertical distance. In the next update, the lowest block distance limit on Y axis will be -64. This will give you plenty of blocks to dig into. Deepslate blocks will be found here, as well as new Minecraft iron, copper, and gemstone blocks.

The maximum height is the same as before. The new Y-axis block distance limit for the highest y axis block is 255. This means that there are new snowy biomes available to explore.

Minecraft 1.18 is not undergoing any changes

Some features previously announced have been delayed by the Minecraft Live 2021 stream, which announces the Minecraft 1.19 update. Also known as the Wild update.


Bundles can be helpful for people who have trouble managing their inventory. It's possible to make bags that can hold as many items as you want. Although their total capacity is not known at the moment, it appears like they could hold several full inventory slots. You can keep bundles in chests, and you can mix-and match.

The Deep Dark biome, Sculk Blocks, and wireless Redstone

Sculk Growths are a characteristic of the Deep Dark biome. These new Redstone-like energy sources are the key to unlocking the wireless activation for Redstone-powered gadgets.

A Sculk Sensor will emit a Redstone signal if it detects footsteps and/or destroys/places a block. These can be used to control gadgets with no trail of Redstone.

To prevent the signal from being transmitted, wool can be used. This will ensure that the trigger activates only the signals between Sculk signals or contraptions. Wireless Redstone is a great option for building massive Minecraft castles or city-building projects.


This mob is designed to bring players back to the first night of Minecraft, when everything was terrifying. The Warden is a mob that lives in the Deep Dark biome. Its only purpose is to make you pee. They are hostile monster mobs and can be found in dark underground areas.

Wardens can't see, but they respond to vibrations from footsteps and thrown objects. They also react to alerts from the shriekers, which are a new block that makes loud noises whenever it gets too close. The warden can be distracted by snowballs because it detects the impact of the snowball. If one is near, they can temporarily darken the screen. However, Sculk Sensors, a new type of block, also respond to their presence.

You can sneak around it if you happen to come across one. However, you will need to be careful. If it can find you and the light at the centre turns on when it is chasing you, it will run very fast and can thump your body for a lot more health. The Warden does not recognize armour so be prepared. The trident might be an effective weapon against it, who knows?


This is the only feature that was announced after the Minecraft 1.18 update. It may not make it to the Wild update. This is the most exciting new addition, so we say “sadly”.

There are many excavation sites around the surface. These sites will have chests containing brushes. These brushes can be used at dig sites or made with specific materials to remove certain blocks like dirt and gravel.

It sounds great, doesn't it? You just have to find them. There is one catch. You risk ruining the artifact and possibly losing it forever if you are negligent and fail to fully discover it before you move on. You can find rare artifacts and expensive blocks if you're careful.

Once you have found them, you can make pots from ceramic shards. You can place them on fire pit templates. Once you are satisfied with the design of the pots, you can place them on a template over a fire pit and add some flint or steel to finish the pot.

This is all we know so far about Minecraft 1.18 and the future. Let's say you want to improve your Minecraft experience. We have many guides to help you experiment with the best Minecraft mods and the most beautiful Minecraft shaders.