How to find your world seed in Minecraft ?

Mon Jan 2. 2023

How to find your world seed in Minecraft ?

Minecraft's world seed is an important component. It is the string of random numbers that is attached each world. Minecraft has infinite possibilities for worlds, each with a seed that can be reproduced if needed.

Minecraft players can create the perfect setting by using the world seed. This applies to any world, no matter if it is a multiplayer one-player world or a server.

Each world has its own seed that can be shared with others. Here are the steps to locate it on a server.

Find a Minecraft server world seed

World settings can be used to locate a server in a regular world. This is not usually the case for servers. In this case, there won't even be a seed in the world settings.

Anybody other than the main player must search for the original seed.

There are several ways to do this. There are two methods to do this: Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. To get the world seed on Java Edition's server, players will need to use a command.

It is as easy as “/seed” This will display the seed. It must be recorded as it cannot be copied directly from chat. This will require that commands be enabled on the server. Only admins or others who have been granted this ability by admins can perform this feat.

Although most servers are built on Java Edition, there are some that Bedrock players may enjoy. The “/seed” command will not work in Bedrock Edition. To find the seed server's seed, you can use the standard method for finding world seeds (through the world settings).